• Q: Can I Do My Own Packing?

    A: Yes. But you should avoid using cartons of edible items or gardening items. We recommend using moving boxes that can withstand the weight of furniture and other items.

  • Q: How Will You Protect My Furniture?

    A: We use export wrapping material, furniture pads, blankets and special protective materials to wrap the furniture so as to avert any damage from collision and/or handling.

  • Q: How Will You Protect My Mattress And Similar Stuff?

    A: Items like mattress, sofa etc. are covered with a special plastic covering which protects them from soiling, handling and damage. In case of leather, we use breathable blankets to prevent it from sweating.

  • Q: What Mode Of Transport Will Be Used For My Relocation?

    A: We always use the quickest and safest transport to deliver your belongings to your new home or office.

  • Q: Do You Provide Vehicle And/or Pet Relocation?

    A: Yes. We do.

  • Q: Is Moving Insurance Really Necessary?

    A: Yes. It gives you peace of mind.

  • Q: When Is The Best Time To Relocate?

    A: All year round.

  • Q: Who Will Look after My Belongings While They Are on Transit?

    A: Our staff.